Large military transport aircrafts ( payload 15 tons and more )


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We begin with the C-5M in FRP 30 delivered on 52 in order all received by USAF for 2017.
Build : 81 C-5A including two C modified and 50 C-5B.

All C-5M except one are B modernised the 52th is a A.

Recently USAF have about 70 C-5, in 2017 remains only the C-5M based to Travis, Dover for active and Lackland for reserve, big Sqns for USAF 18 C-5M for the two and 8 for Reserve unit.
Actually :
60 AMW/22 AS to Travis 12 C-5M in more about 4 B/C
436 AirlW/49 AS to Dover 15 C-5M
433 AirlW/68 AS AFRC to Lackland 8 C-5A replaced by C-5M

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USA C-5M.jpg
Lockheed plant in Marietta, Georgia where all C-5 and C-130 are built or modernised.