Ladakh Flash Point


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Yes, i already shared the sample here ;)
Are you ready to surrender?
woah chill out man alright I'll follow you to your dungeon


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When did I claim unilateral disengagement ocured? And what makes you think India pushed for unilateral disengagement?
Obviously it would be beneficial for India to remove many of the forward camps it set up in disputed areas it recently occupied. Bit this can only happen if full disengagrment AND deescalation is mutually carried out. General Naravane was quite clear about this.
You implied so. If not, then you are trying to raise dust in a mud pit.

India can't push for unilateral disengagement on China. Hell, it can't impose that on Pakistan these days. Unilateral disengagement happens when power imbalance is grave.

General Naravane is right regarding that. But what you miss is that India is looking beyond the events of 2020 and into territorial shifts that happened decades back.
What you failed to highlight when you were trying to tackle the "trolling" against India was exactly this and the fact that every mutual disengagement talk that India unilaterally pushes for results in loss of patrol to both parties.