KJ-600: Chinese carrier-capable AEW: developments, news, progress ...


Yes, but I thought you may have checked at GE?!
I checked GE and couldn't see what the Twitter poster saw, but I did see your image of the AWACS aircraft in the corner. But I have a feeling that the new photo isn't of a mockup since it seems to have propellers installed on to its turboprops.


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Very hard to say whether it is the earlier JZY-01 demonstrator or a later KJ-600 prototype, or even it may or may not be a US aircraft (or Chinese). The photo is too small for details.

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Interesting; a type of such a great importance but barely any public attention.

I must admit I'm quite skeptical if this is a real one, esp. since the edges look so much manipulated.

What is the original source of this one?

By the way, did the JZY-01 demonstrator even fly?


This might (or might not) have something to do with KJ-600. The article talks about the establishment of a 'communist party vanguard team' dedicated to the 'braking/arresting (?) system for the maiden flight of 600'.

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