KJ-600 carrierborne AEWC thread


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A model of KJ-600 used to conduct drop tests to simulate carrier landing. Apologies for the poor image quality, but I couldn't find a better version.

It is from this paper
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The picture in the paper isn't any better than yours, but you can see the scale of the test rig. You can also read for more details which is more informative than a large picture.


asif iqbal

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no doubt this programme will take years of more testing and development before they can even think about launching this from 004

however the first cat launch of a fixed wing AWACS from a Carrier will bring China at the forefront of naval aviation

that will indeed be milestone


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Is there technical difference between KJ500 vs KJ600? I just know KJ600 is deployed on aircraft carrier.

KJ3000 is more advanced than KJ500/600

KJ3000, Wing Long 3, PL21, Type 096/095, 6th gen fighter/bomber all by 2030.