K 130 Corvettes under Construction


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Korvette BRAUNSCHWEIG-Class (K 130)

On important technology fields the developments begun for the frigates of the SACHSEN class are consistently continued, for example within the range of ship-technical automation, the computer and network technology or the software of weapons and guiding systems.

The network is in such a way conceived for example that when damages at the ship all information can be exchanged nevertheless and processed. In the ship all components are several times present for the maintenance of the efficiency. The serviceability is protected by these redundancies. Beyond that numerous new developments and innovative proposals for solution are planned for the BRAUNSCHWEIG class. Within the range of the radar and infrared signature the BRAUNSCHWEIG class exhibits stealth characteristics. With its high speedable radar it always is in the picture of the momentary situation. In the future it is even angedacht to station "naval drones" on the corvette. The ship is put in such a way into the position to accomplish area clearing-up and monitoring beyond the radar horizon. The necessary devices exist already. All of this permits the employment in offshore waters, in particular in the context of multinational crisis reaction forces.

1 x 76 mm
2 x 27 mm Rheinmetall Gattling gun
2 RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile ) 21 Cells
2 x 2 RBS 15 Mk3 FK
2 Drone Helikopter
mine laying capability

even with its weight of only 1.840 t and low cost of only 350million $ it can be easily compared to the newest and strongest warships in the world
German navy ordered 5 Pieces(2 under Construction)
with an option on 10 more (the conservatives will do it if they make the goverment in 2 weeks)



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this is the perfect light vesel china needs to attack a us cvbg with it's sovs anf facs!

china should develop somthing like this, maybe with a little help from the french


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350 million per ships sounds like a lot. How much did it cost to build 170 and 171?


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im wrong
they only cost 240 mn euro
quiet cheap for such a capable ship with newest network technologys and well weapons