J-XY - maybe J-35 - next generation carrier-borne fighter


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If this is the final wing they've chosen then it looks like they've picked the F-22 style arrangement where the horizontal slabs "cut" into the rear of the main wings.

View attachment 76847

Compare that with FC-31 V2.0.

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Waiting to see if the engine will be more hidden than on the fc-31 prototypes and other depictions. Presently, the design have poor side ir suppression for the engines...


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Supposedly the mockup for J-35 again. Huitong has put it on his page too, so presumably it's legit. Frankly I see no difference in dimensions to the third FC-31 prototype but then again from this angle its hard to say, especially with the supposedly larger horizontal stabilisers and wing.

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By the way, any idea, where it was spotted? ... at least it has PLA markings!

Oh? Not again a model for a theme park again?!! :( :oops:
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