J-XY - maybe J-35 - next generation carrier-borne fighter


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By the way, just another question regarding the cold weather and snow at Shenyang right now: As such won't it be wiser to wait until lets say March and warmer weather for a maiden flight? :eek:

Depends. SAC will be correspondingly experienced at operating in cold weather, so it could be done. While icy, the winter weather in North-East Asia is typically clear and stable (prevailing continental high pressure). Precipitation is actually rare (so chances of a clean and dry runway are really good), all that snow simply accumulates over time because it never melts away until spring! Komsomolsk-na-Amure is further North and quite a bit colder still, yet they conducted the first flight of the T-50 in late January. Dito with Irkutsk and the recent first flight of the PD-14 powered MS-21.

If you have measures in place to deal with the extreme cold, there are worse seasons for a first flight in Shenyang by some measures!


Honestly a naval carrier fighter should have gone with insisting on 6 medium range A2A missiles like J-20 is capable of. Even if it forgoes the two short range side bays because there just isn't enough space. No one is going to compromise on stealth just to carry in "beast" mode with wings draped in missiles. The point of these fighters for PLAN seems to be a counter to preventing USN aircraft from penetrating China's area denial. Along with the J-15, they are going to be the only tip on the spear. China doesn't have anything close to numerical parity on super carriers and carrier fighters along with supporting aircraft. Missile payload and range goes pretty far to balance this.
If the J-XY is based on the FC-31 its weapons bay size should be more or less identical in size to the J-20s. That means sooner or later it will allow for a load out of 6 MRAAMs.


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Yes but it has a similarly sized weapons bay.

I think it was pb who wrote a few years ago that the J-XY's weapons bay would be similar if not identical to that of J-20s and be compatible with the same weapons suite. Time will tell if it is true.

Oh well ... similar to the H-20 - no, in fact even more - I'm eagerly awaiting the J-35. :p:D

Any guess when we will see it? At least IMO before the H-20. ;)