J-XY - maybe J-35 - next generation carrier-borne fighter


I don't want to put you down. However, although many of your points are not entirely wrong, the foundation of your understandings of China are the same nature as that of the American Kung-fu movies as well as American Chinese food.
I agree that we should move these last posts to another more appropriate thread.

With that being said, you are a little too quick to judge. Just because I write a few sentence about the Chinese dragon, you assume whatever I write is everything that I know?? Just because I am writing this post in English and live in the US, you automatically assume that I has a shallow understanding of Chinese culture? Again, a little too quick to judge? I can tell that you might know a thing or two about Chinese culture and are eager to show off your knowledge. But don’t assume others know less just because they are describing it in a less complicated way.

When you try to explain a complex concept to someone who is not familiar with it, it is important to start with a simple story and gradually get deeper if they are still interested. If you start with a long story filled with complicated stuff and with twists and turns, that will get people bored quickly and they will lose interest very fast.

For instance, my profession is biomedical research. When someone who’s not familiar with medicine asks me about cancer, I will most likely start by telling them that cancer is about cells becoming immortal. Is it wrong? Not exactly. Is it the whole story? Absolutely not. But if I start with a whole lecture about truly what cancer is, I will need start with basic concepts of molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology, as well as some human anatomy. I will first describe to you the structures of DNA, show you how DNA is replicated, what transcription is, how proteins are translated, how DNA drives cell growth and proliferation, cell cycle, cell apoptosis, how certain DNA mutations cause cells to escape check points. And I will describe a little mitogen signaling and how constitutively active mitogen-activated protein kinases cause unchecked cell growth and proliferation. Oh! Do you know what a kinase is? ...... Are you still awake? You are probably not too far away from falling a sleep just by reading this paragraph.

You get how important it is to start with simple concepts and gradually build on them?
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Could someone make an attempt at a translation?

Was posted by one of the bloggers on Twitter, so no idea how credible this is.



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Could someone make an attempt at a translation?

Was posted by one of the bloggers on Twitter, so no idea how credible this is.

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Translation with minor paraphrasings.

Q: Is 2.0 cancelled?
A: No, it's still there. I saw it.

Q: Is 2.0 still [primer] green?
A: No, it has been painted.

Q: Does 2.0 have the same paint job as 31001?
A: No, totally different.

Q: What does 2.0 looks like? Are there any photo?
A: There are photos, just not in my procession. Don't ask me who has them, I will keep it as a secret. I will also keep the painting itself as a secret for the time being. I want to play a game to see how shocked everyone is when we see the photos of the first flight.

Q: Does 2.0 have the August 1st insignia?
A: Let me phrase it this way, it is not nice to commandeer private projects.

Q: Does 2.0 get new engines?
A: For some reason it's too dark and I wasn't able to see.

Q: Has the painted 2.0 not taken the first flight?
A: No, we should wait and see. There is no update but it should be on ground testing.

[J-]16's production capability is surprisingly [good].

There are good news by the end of the month.

There is a 2019 model aircraft near its first flight.


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I try to make a translation.
1.Does the 2.0 still exist?
yes,I have already seen it.
2.Is the 2.0 still in green color?
No, the 2.0 has been painted.
3.Dose the 2.0's coat looks like 31001?
Totally different.
4.What is it like? any photos?
I don't have photos.Don't ask me who have photos. It should be kept secret. I want to play a game that all of you say wow after watching it. Pls keep an eye on other bloggers and wait for them to post the first photo of the 2.0.
5.Does it have the logo of PLA?
emmm…Let me explain it in this way: picking peaches is not a proper behavior.(picking peaches mostly means sit idle and enjoy the fruits)
6.Does the 2.0 have new engines?
Because of some reasons I can't see what the engines are like.It's too dark.
7.Doesn't the 2.0 have its first flight?
No. Let's wait. It's being test these days.

The capacity of J16 is amazing.
Something good will happen at the end of this month. But it is too sensitive. Maybe I'll talk about it next year.
New type aircraft of 2019 will have its first flight.(he say 19款,it can mean 19 types or type of 2019.I belive he means the latter.


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I don't have a link, unfortunately.

Here is a tweet that included the screenshot though:
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Interesting, but again:

- who is the original poster?
- how reliable is he (or she)?
- it's overall a bit confusing: we all know 02 exists since some time and even that it flew already .. so why the 7. question?