J-XY - maybe J-35 - next generation carrier-borne fighter


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I may be wrong but it looks like the Tailplanes (compared to the F/C-31) are elongated, narrower, and clipped (possibly to line up with the wing fold line).
Really hard to tell. Maybe it's just the angle of the photos.



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I actually think it is rather pathetic that many Chinese and nonwhites, until this day, still consider whites and Americans as some type of overlord or divine existence in this world, and can't help themselves but to have a constant unconscious need to obtain validation and approval from whites/Americans/Europeans to feel a sense of achievement, or to be proud of their nation/heritage/history. True confidence comes from within and is not conditional upon other people's approval. How can others respect you when you already despise yourself?

This is also a fundamental reason why Chinese propaganda and persuasion is of such low quality because most people making them still have a colonized mindset and all the content they make is about trying to get the West to like China, like how a dog wants to impress its master, and that is never going to work. Do celebrities get famous because they constantly beg people to like them?

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IMO, China and the Chinese will most likely not receive an ounce of respect from anyone before the PLA can show credible capability to the world that it is capable of defeating America in an armed conflict. Before that, there is probably nothing you can do to make the whites like you, respect you, or judge you fairly. 丢掉幻想,准备斗争
All that is well and good, but I'm more concerned with them keeping it in J-2X. It just fits so well as a parallel to the J-1X generation. Yeh sure the PLA may consider it a generation after J-2X, then why is the H-20 not called the H-30? It could've fit so nicely..
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