J-XY/J-35 carrier-borne fighter thread


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In that case, is there really a need for a one-to-one/analogous replacement for the J-15s on PLAN CVs in the future?

UCAVs are more likely to undermine the role of small and medium-size aircraft like J-35 than eliminate the requirement for a large, high-performance aircraft to achieve air superiority. J-35 is fine as a low-risk, low-cost path to delivering a modern carrier-based combat aircraft, but it will not suffice against next-generation USN and USAF platforms currently in development.


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is a copy to the paper.
The 2nd paper is for the referenced Shenyang design to facilitate further comparisons.

One non-technical observation:
The specific authoring institution to the Chengdu paper happens to be Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG, aka factory 132), and not Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute (CADI, aka institute 611). This seems to be a relatively uncommon choice as research effort from the former typically (crudely judged by historical publishing records) relates to production phase aspects such as parts processing and airframe assembling. This is in contrast to Shenyang's paper which has been authored "normally" by Shenyang's design arm (SADI, aka institute 601).
Potentially holds implications for differing purpose of research for these two proposals (or level of priority/resources devoted/stage of development).
Although this difference could also just be trivial, occurring simply due to administrative needs.
I think the CAIG paper isn't unusual. The two papers cover different levels. CAIG paper is about mechanical realisation that is what a factory work. The SADI paper is more on the theoretical level talking about vibration frequency and resistance over various speed range, these are the things that CAIG paper does not cover.

Further more, since CAIG paper is about realisation, it means that there is something in the development pipe line, instead of research exercise.


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Again a J-35 prototype spotted with still its long pitot boom on the "nose!.

Would be interesting to know if it is one of the first two prototypes no. 350001 & 350003 or already a new one?

(Image via @无耻的古龙迷 from Weibo)