J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread


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A high-resolution image of J-15T with a new radome. Cross-posting from here.



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Nothing new in this vid beyond SCMP's saliva sprinkling. I just post it because the beat is nasty!
Boy howdy, I cannot wait until a J-15T with three YJ-12s gets slung off Fujian.

I feel obliged to point out that we have yet to confirm that any PLA Flanker variant can carry even a single YJ-12 to begin with, let alone carry three.


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Something on j15t from shilao podcast recently. They said that it is maybe 100 or 200 kg heavier than the original, but is equipped with more powerful engines, so should have no problem taking off from cv16 with load. It is expected that as j15b join service, they will eventually be moved to the stobar carriers and replace the first generation j15s.


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It is normal that it would get heavier since you need to strengthen the aircraft to withstand the stress of catapult launch. And since they originally even wanted to use steam cats, it has probably been even more strengthened than necessary.