J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread


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The J-15 can carry air to surface missiles. Once the J-15T becomes available it will also be able to carry a much larger weapons payload.
The J-15T has the potential to be a true multi-role aircraft.


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so J15T is for 003 while J35 is also in development ?

so China will use mix of J15T+ J35?
Of course, just like PLAAF's combination of J-16 & J-20.
J-15 and J-35 are totally different size class. J-15 is F-15 size. J-35 is J-10 size. They are used for different roles. J-15 is mainly air superiority. J-35 could be good for attack.
I believe the J-35 is significantly larger the J-10. And both the J-35 and the J-15 are multirole, to some extent. But the J-15 should be the one to pick when you need an aircraft to carry the big land attack or anti-ship missiles.