J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread


So does this mean the full compliment of fighters for both the CV16 & 17?
Both chassis are maxed out? *negating the base on shore*

On paper yes, and probably yes in practice, but a qualified one.

Given the inherent maintenance needs and downtime of planes, you ideally want 1 reserve regiment for every 3-4 operationally deployable ones.

The PLA generally have pretty good peacetime readiness figures owing to their higher number of maintenance personnel and no habit of long deployments as the USN does as standard (that means any issues with planes could be adequately looked at immediately, whereas air wings on months long deployments far from home may be constrained by parts and equipment available onboard ship, so may have stored up a number of planes with serious issues they could not fix while underway).

The fact that the PLANAF’s J15s are all so new would also help in terms of their availability rates.

So yes, I would expect that if the balloon goes up, both CV16 and 17 should be able to deploy with a full air wing with fairly short notice.

However, that’s probably not a long term sustainable position as their planes age and start to wear out (which might be a rapidly developing issue given how intensively they are using their J15s in training). It would be interesting to see if they invest in a 3rd J15A regiment before they switch to the catobar version for 003 and onwards. I would expect so.


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Well, there's also downtime of carriers themselves. Especially once the third carrier is in service, it may be that the maintenance schedule will be arranged so one of those three carriers is pretty much always scheduled to be unavailable.

On the other hand, having carriers and investing so much in them, but not having AMPLE fighter replacements is not a wise investment. There's a reason why the US navy has room, in theory, to deploy some 50 fighter planes per carrier. Yet it has over 950 carrier borne combat planes. (that doesn't even take into account the fact maybe 7 of those 11 carriers could be deployed at the same time)


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