J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread


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Just a beautiful image.



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According to this image released on 1st August, the first Batch 04 J-15 (cn. 0401) was handed over to the PLAN. (Image via Huitong's CMA-Blog via @撒手锏_ from Weibo)

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Presumably starting from batch 05 are the new catobar ver (guesses ofc) we've seen earlier this year? Also I m a bit confused as to why they seem to be building these non-catapult J-15s in relatively small batches of 24 each..?


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Can we tell whether the radar is AESA or not from the radome?

Not really. The plane is still using the old pitot though. The pitot itself may not have a direct relationship with the AESA but the upgrades might come as an entire packaged set.

The new radar might still be in a testing phase. So while they are testing, the pilots can be training simultaneously.

Reason why naval radars can lag behind those that operate over land is that radars over water have to deal with the sea clutter. So they have to do testing so they can filter out unwanted reflections.

That would mean somewhere, they should have a prototype or two with the new radar. It would have to take off from a base near the factory and fly over the water during its testing duties.