J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread


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" This is a military forum on a country renowned for secrecy. All we ever have are speculations."

well said and enough said. Guys, just ignore the troll and move on. Time is precious.

Happily but after making things clear first. It's fun dealing with trolls and revealing things in the process. This is the only way we can progress from misunderstandings manifesting into hatred. There are increasing number of reasonable and woke people in the west simply because some people will take the effort to correct injustice. BTW not relevant to the discussion on sensor fusion just my belief that we should all take responsibility in showing the whole picture and explaining things through rather than carry a typical Chinese attitude of passivity. We need more trolls, hawkish behaviour, and people who will happily take part in the shit flinging and wear out these professional shit talkers.


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Ok guys ... and no back to the topic

Just noticed, that @huitong has updated his site:

The latest rumor (November 2019) suggested that the 03 batch has been built.
- Last Updated 11/11/19

Did anyone notice this too and who spread this rumour first?


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Who dares to estimate the age of the Chinese aircraft carrier pilots trained so far?

Difficult to say as we don't really know *** when *** the pictures were taken (not posted). From what I've seen here, mid 30s to mid 50s would be my guess. It appears they're still working on creating a pool of future instructors. It would explain the low numbers of J-15s seen thus far. No doubt there's a cap on the number of pilots / seat allowed, before an order is placed for more J-15s to accommodate the slowly expanding pool of instructors. I might have missed a post here, but does anybody know what's a typical number of instructors is needed?


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No one is mentioning censorship or Chinese "way of doing things" that's you with your typical dodgy troll behaviour. Can't hack that others are talking back as well while you call out others despite your own tendency to do exactly the same if not worse.

It's unbelievable, brings out all the other stuff, (sterotypical may I add), then got the cheek to point a finger at others! But then I can't expect amything else, if all he got to go back is his cocooned information.