J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread


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For example, Shi Lao has disclosed before that "foreign instructors" have made important contributions to the formation of combat effectiveness of China's carrier-based aircraft forces in areas such as landing training.
He goes on to say that more can't be revealed at present. The modified photo provided suggests they were Americans.


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I agree compleyely.

I have never seen any number higher than 123. So, you have 100-123 which is two dozen.

I too am bafffled by this since they have the 2nd carrier built and ready or Naval trials and commissioning, and a 3rd carrier building.

Particularly since they have a CATOBAR version of the J-15 ready for production.

I have to wonder if they have decided to go a different route for their carrier air wings...but if so, then what?

...and they are decidedly working from a position well behind the mark if that is the case.

I would expect that they would build J-15s for CATOBAR operations and use them for both while they develop something new...but right now it appears that their priorities are such that they are not building any new J-15s while they continue building carriers and this is so unlike the Chines and the PLAN and their very deliberate and careful development and progress to date so far.

If anyone knows of a picture of any operational J-15 above 123...please, please show us a pic of it.

Speaking of 123 here are a couple of pics of 123 of which we speak:

I think, at least in initial service for the 001A, it wouldn’t operate side by side with Liaoning at full capacity. It could simply take a portion of Liaoning’s two dozen planes or even take all of them if Liaoning is in harbor. After all, crew members between the ships would also be interchangeable to train more naval aviators.

Once the 001A enters full service, then it would get a full set of aircraft for it’s own use. But when that happens, upgraded J-15s would likely have arrived, so the Liaoning and 001A can be upgraded in parallel.