India is now a SUPERPOWER!!! Congratulations to all Indians!

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Is there a point to this thread?

I guess he is trying to say, (mock) indian or western predictions of indian greatness have all come to past!

It's typical of all the western MSM predictions in the last decade. That is China is going to crash, and india is taking over BS! Basically talking up India, in the hope that commercial enterprises take heed and invest in India, a sort of self-fullfil prophecy!

It is quite entertaining to look back into the last decade and think all those fools, and Indian fanboys that believed in all these BS!


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While I appreciate the circulation that this legendary meme has made across the internet, I think posting about it as a thread is about as much as we need on SDF and of course I doubt it was started with the goal of any serious discussion.

Thread locked, albeit with a tip of the hat to this meme's legacy.
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