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anyone know how to start new poll? iam 'president of the world' in old forum. i dont know how to start poll in new forum. :( my stupid, i think new forum is too complex, isnt it :confused:


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ger_mark said:
polls are not allowed in this forum :(

one more factor where the old forum was better
Polls are allowed in this and ALL forums.

Just read the instructions and SLOW down, its all there. No body is rushing you to create a thread.... there is no rush just take it easy and read the instructions and what the "NEW THREAD" page has to say. Scroll down for POLL option! :rolleyes:

Issues with the forum, you need help with something threads belong in the SUGGESTIONS and FEEDBACK forum - for that you need to SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the forum. I freaking feel like baby sitting 10 year old kids who are too used to ezboard crap and don't know how to read and follow simple instructions listed on the NEW THREAD pages.

This is ( a $200.00 software and it is worlds #1 forum script out there and most popular. You are comparing this with ezboards? Please, be serious.

I hope that clears a lot of issues.

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