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The u with two dots in PinYin is called U-umlaut in German, and pronounced the same way. Example is as in 鱼 (Yü) vs. Über. When using pinyin input in computer, if you type u, the computer will suggest either ü or u based on the context and consonant in front of it. The safest way in most pinyin based input method is to use V instead of U after typing the consonant. The reason for that trick is because Pinyin does not use letter V and it looks similar to U and Ü. In other words computer input method substitute letter Ü with V.

I don't know if you are confused by wikipedia's entry of Pinyin or some other way. Anyway the wiki page put ü or u in the same place to pronounce the sound as in 鱼. This is wrong. (A reason I hate wikipedia which allows falseness to spread unchecked) The two letters are never interchangeable in the standard, however it becomes an accepted corruption in the computer era due to the fact that most Chinese computer keyboard is essentially US English keyboard which lacks letter Ü and nobody bothers to find the V trick.
Thanks for the tips! I sort of gave up the writing part a long time ago because I always mix English with Pinyin...


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Ordinary people doing great thing Since last year they didn't have reunion dinner because of Covid they make it up this year touching. Nothing is impossible if you are united Xīnnián kuàilè 新年快乐
I don't know the reason for UK banning CGTN ;) , its program is so uplifting and positive that maybe BBC need to look and copy some of its content...LOL.:cool:

@Hendrik_2000 that woman presenter remind me of my past girlfriend , pretty, petite and feisty. ;)
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In spirit of Holiday. A beautiful old Chinese village at the bottom of Great wall outside Beijing. This Japanese girl make a beautiful video of life in and around Beijing. She met her Chinese husband while studying for MA in Korea. He must love her because he wine and dine her and treat her like princess. It is good young people from 3 countries met these days. I am surprised that tourist facility is so well developed now in China far cry from way back then. Must be wave of prosperity Use CC-> Subtitle->translate->English