Gotemba Military Exercises (Japan)


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Some 2,000 personnel, 60 tanks, 40 guns, 20 helicopters and 400 armoured vehicles were involved in the training during military exercises at the Fuji firing range in Gotemba, some 130 kms west of Tokyo, 27 August 2005.



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so the japs have toys to show off. so what?

the scale of this excercise is nothing compared to chinese excercises like peace mission 05.

excercise like these are better for countries like russia to show off weapons.

the japs do have some impressive looking equipment.


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Honestly. The way they train makes them slobs. HAHA, they are showing off... By the way. They look slow.


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their just showing off their equipment.

try pull off a combined arms attack with 10000 men.

these pictures are showing japs in millions of dollars worth of arms riding around
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They're just pictures, you have no clue what the hell they're doing so you make inferences, and all the Chinese people, who hate Japan, give some bias idea of what is happening in the pictures. No one knows exactly what's going on so don't say they're just trying to show off they're million dollar crap (Want me to call your T-59Ds crap?). We know it's an excercise and it has to be some kind of simulation of war like in every other excercise. This is a small excercise looking at the numbers, probably just a small armored brigade or something.


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yes, please call the 59 d's crap, because they are and need to be replaced.

such a small force though. it just seems like a jap elite unit with some weaponry to try out. you need large excercises for real training. but this is still pretty impressive to look at.