First 160(1600) IDZ Systems Delivered


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Better protection, more combat capability: The "infantryman of the future" becomes reality. A project with many involved ones, which needs an intelligent planning and control.

On 1 July at the infantry school Hammelburg the first 160 basic systems (group equipments)"infantryman of the future" (IdZ)handed over to the army. 1600 soldiers of the paratroopers -, mountain hunter and hunter troop as well as the safeguard troops of Air Force and navy can be equipped with it. Micro, Headset, eye protector, antenna on the shoulder and minicomputers on the chest transform the simple foot soldier to the High Tech high-Tech-Warrior. The IdZ Group equipment was tested in the context of the development under operating conditions with KFOR successfully in the Kosovo and with ISAF in Afghanistan. "the infantryman is better protected and more mobile and more effectively on the battlefield. At the same time penetration -, surviving -, guidance and staying power are improved ", explain Brigadier General Johann Berger, 52, commander of the infantry Hamelburg . As a general of the infantry Berger sees the new personal equipment as part of a total concept, with which the infantry group of an armored vehicle operates as from a protecting parent ship. The IdZ is part of a superordinate system - the "system soldier". In addition belong beside the two-stage IdZ among other things also the equipment system to "soldier in the employment" (S.i.E.). The differences: The IdZ was developed for the infantry units of the army (mountain hunter, paratrooper, hunter and armored infantry). It has a 10 men infantry group in the view, where each soldier everything must not be able and have, for example each soldier a hand-held antitank weapon. "IdZ is a modular setting box system, whose contents again and again regarding the efficiency, which are to be examined tactical necessity and the technical arrangement", explain lieutenant colonel Wolfgang oldhope. The 51-year old concerns itself for years in the group of advancement at the infantry school with the topics clothing, equipment and protection. Few components from the equipment IdZ are assigned to the "soldier in use", as for example the ballistic waistcoat or the stretcher waistcoat with and without electronics. This equipment is querschnittlich meant for the soldiers of other weapon colors and has not the group in the focus, but the particular.


But where the origins of this are appropriate for so far approximately 60 million euro of expensive large-scale project? As also with other large procurements it was the NATO, which determined and formulated the need. "1987 demanded the NATO states a better equipment for the infantry. That flowed 1991 into the Soldier in such a way specified Modernization Program ", tells major Martin Dankert. The 39-year old accompanies the "infantryman of the future" as for the project the responsible person officer. The office for army is only one of several organisation areas involved. Beside the BWB also the arms range from the Ministry of Defense (
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) and the Hammelburger were infantry school from the outset also in the boat. In addition with it: the defense industry with the prime contractor project house of EADS/DORNIER. "co-operation effected according to the dia.-logical principle", explains project officer Dankert. Regular discussions of all involved ones ensure for the fact that research and need do not develop apart. By the multiplicity of the items of equipment Dankert and his team up to 200 face partners on sides of the industry. The products are tried out among other things in Hamelburg.


The Germans began late with their activities. 1991 was ratified the NATO documents. 1993 followed a feasibility study. Between them and last end until 1997 the project rested. After NATO with the Soldier Modernization Program 1991 had delivered the starting signal, started working the USA, Great Britain and France immediately. They developed the national variants "country Warrior" (the USA), "Fist" (Great Britain) and "Felin" (France). Germany followed only 1997 with an experimental program at the infantry school. "we started as the latter with the conception and are first, which insert, are pleased such a program with IdZ into the troop" lieutenant colonel Wolfgang oldhope. "at time to save, we did on the one hand without the planning and design phase. On the other hand we fell back with the items of equipment predominantly to commercial components ", mean major Dankert. Thus the Headset for the IdZ comes from a civilian company for example, which originally developed it for musicians. The necessity for an improved personal equipment had resulted from the experiences of the international missions. In order successfully to be able and the efficiency of the soldier increase to exist against all possible threats (for instance snipers or weapons of ABC), five core ranges are defined: Survivability, guidance ability, penetration ability, staying power and mobility.


For the increase among other things a combat suit with integrated ABC protection and flame retarding surface serves survivability, in addition a modular ballistic protective system (helmet, waistcoat). To the guidance ability digital map and interlaced sensors (laser range finder, digital camera) belong. Headset and digital radio guarantee that communication remains existing in the troop or in the group also without visual contact among themselves. Penetration the infantryman of the future becomes among other things by increase of the precision and effect of its hand weapons, further by 100 percent equipment with night vision and sights for night vision. The modular admission (stowing away possibility) of equipment, weapons, food supply and electronic equipment serves its staying power. The improvement of its mobility takes place by means of volume and weight reductions of the items of equipment. As example the ballistic protection waistcoat is to be stated, whose weight in the process of the Konfektion could be reduced by changes of the materials by 1,8 kg. It weighs today in the quantity XXL and safety class system IV only 11.2 kilograms with same rueckhaltevermoegen as the protection waistcoat BRISTOL K 18. "natural affect and cause themselves the individual core ranges mutually", explain project officer Dankert. The equipment with high ballistic protection increases survivability, the mobility reduces however at the same time. Mobility actually is however also an aspect of protection.


Heart of the new equipment concept are system thought and modularity. "this beginning was not only for some in the German Federal Armed Forces new ground, but also for some the manufacturer", means learned textile engineer Insa Wilbers (37) responsible, in the BWB as "Integratorin for clothing and equipment" for the project IdZ. "system integration means that the different manufacturers must co-ordinate their products from the beginning with those the competition with, if these are involved in the IdZ also." So the manufacturer of the new ABC protective mask must make certain for example that it fits the kapuze of the schutzanzuges or the helmet and in reverse. By the modular stretcher system during the basic equipment IdZ pull themselves gitterfoermige belt samples. To the belts the soldier can surely and individually fasten the most diverse bags for for example cartridges and hand grenades. On the back two "Daypacks so mentioned" are fastened with a volume of ten litres with zippers. In it the soldier stows its personal equipment or additional weapons away. Which is not used, can be put down fast. To the stretcher waistcoat also a 1.7 litre belongs more seizing in a bag of accommodated tanks ("Camel Bag") with integrated drinking hose, so that the soldier can satisfy its thirst at any time. And the Aufwuchspotenzial of the infantryman of the future is enormous. Planned is among other things a new helmet, which integrates Headset and helmet visor (Helmet Mounted display), is still easier and modular with ballistic protection elements will provide can. "the system IdZ is submitted to a continuous renewal process. Arising restrictions are by replacement of components as well as by increase in output to adjust ", promise lieutenant colonel Althoff.