Fan art, PS and CG images


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Type 003 in a mobile game in PvP, with skin and Brazilian flag, along with J-20, J-31, Z-19, some UAVs that reminds of something I have seen in Zhuhai, along with Type 055, Russian boomer, Gerald Ford, Zumwalt and so on. Totally unrealistic but looks weirdly fun.

Second game here has 003 and it has the Ulyanovosk (don't think I got the spelling right) which is proposed Russian carrier with catapult.

Third game has Type 094.

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I think some details might be wrong but without further update from the actual carrier, there isn't much I can do.
Still need to convert this to the naval version and add the landing gears.
(Most of these are in 4K resolution)

I am glad somebody takes over late Jeff's place in making art forms of weapons and post them here. Keep it up.


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CG work used for PvP mobile game. The weaponry onboard the ship looks completely nonsensical but it is intended to be customized so the player can mix and match different CIWS options from other countries. The planes are J-31s, and it turns out that the diamond wing shaped planes are drones called FL-71 that was shown in Zhuhai.

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