Discussing Biden's Potential China Policy

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The problem is Qing's lack of attention to maritime trade and naval power after the takeover of Taiwan was partly to be blamed for its failure during the Opium War. Although the Manchu emperor has some knowledge of the West from missionaries and jesuits, the Manchu court completely failed to grasp the rise of the British Empire. By the time the McCartney Mission arrived in Beijing, Qianlong Emperor was absolutely ignorant of the fact that he was about to face a new nemesis that the no imperial dynasties had faced before. McCartney even presented a steam engine to the Qing Court, but no one in the Court was able to grasp the importance of this new technology. No one was able to understand how an industrialized maritime power was going to wreck havoc on China's coastal cities, and Qing's brown water navy could do little to catch up with the RN's much faster steam ships.

With the sea level set to rise, China would be smart to become a maritime power by building upon the BRI and not repeat Qing's mistakes. In the future, those who control the seas will have access to far more resources than land powers. Mahan's theory will be even more important after Antartica melts away.
Yeah that was huge. Prof Jin Canrong talked about the first missed opportunity for China to industrialise and modernise when Qianlong was too arrogant to realize the importance of this mission for the future of Qing. I guess Qing was a victim of its own success and Qianlong felt they were completely self sufficient and didn't need westerners teaching them stuff about industrialising.

Second opportunity to industrialize , Qing in her later days actually made an effort but unfortunately their neighbour Japan modernized much quicker and better than they did and subsequently fought and sought to colonize china.

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More and more I see parallels between current day US and the late Qing dynasty.
May they suffer a fall similar to that of the Qing Dynasty, only this time, may China and Russia learn enough from the past to ensure that they can never pull a resurrections like China has done by hunting down any of those that try to bring back such a evil empire, via the methods that these people fear China for so that they finally can get the point that once an empire falls, it stays dead

Must be really desperate to borrow money.

This time, China has seen enough of there wicked ways that this time around, China isn't going let the USA dictate how China does things anymore. The USA better be prepared to offer the moon to China if they want to save there failing nation, because right now, it would be increasingly in China's interest to let the USA collapse under its own weight because the USA cannot offer anything to China anymore that China cannot get from anywhere else