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Can the elevator of 003 carry three planes like this?
It's a matter of weight.

And it's also a matter of time. It takes a long time to position aircraft so precisely on the elevator. He went up and down twice in the same time.

But in a locked upper position you can safely use it as a parking space for such occupancy.

Typical elevator capacities of American aircraft carriers are:
CV 59-62; 66-67: 36 tons
CV 63-65: 40 tons
from CV 68: 48 tons
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The 3rd Chinese aircraft carrier, the country's first CATOBAR, dated October 23, 2021.

(Very) approximately:
- Overall length ≃ 314m
- Beam (bridge) ≃ 73m
- Surface of the flight deck ≃ 17,760m²

Image via Maxar Technologies

Finally some clearer figures...

Separately according to horobeyo who referenced Google:

Overall length = 316m
Beam = 72.3m



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