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who said it is 350 meters in length, >80 meters in width? When I say it's around 100,000 tons and being nuclear powered, I was not dreaming, I was analyzing based on existing info. If you don't agree, you can speak your points as well based on existing info, not just "I believe","I can't believe", like numerous western analysts focusing on China's development already did and got embarrassed in the past 2 decades.

He - my very special Indian intelligence (?) specialist - said this:



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A semi submersible transport ship is something like this. A sort of improvised helicopter carrier.View attachment 63761

This particular ship is meant to transport ships. It would have no problem carrying a handful of surface warships. Ship shown above happens to be the second largest of its kind in the planet.
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No not that place. It's a fucking echo for pro-India, pro-western views and of course anti-Chinese. Any logical argument that goes against their views will get downvoted to oblivion. Honest discussion there is not possible. Reddit in general is mightily dysfunctional. Echo chambers left and right.

You might find a tiny few commenters that no what they are talking about especially in defense, tech, economic subs but the majority spew so much fallacies and misinformation that only support their bias worldviews.
Same happened with r/lesscredibledefense. Seemed somewhat objective, now everything is "we must nuke China".