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But under the green circle there are only three small modules at the moment, not a whole hulk. The photo is old.

Since the remaining modules are already in the drydock and no, it is not an old but in fact the most recent one posted only today.



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Why are these satellite photos so blurry? this one is even blurrier than the last one.

Satellite photos are considered sensitive material, and analysts can use them to deduce a lot more information, compared to conventional photographs like the ones we used to get for the 002 in Dalian.

In fact, posting satellite imagery is strictly forbidden on CJDBY.


Here we can see that green is the drydock, and yellow is the assembly/preparation area. We can deduce that:

1. The keel has been laid and there are more modules in drydock compared to a few days ago.
2. There are more modules in the staging area that are ready to be moved into the dock.
3. There are a couple of environmental shelters to make construction work easier.

And as casual watchers, that's all we need to know.

On the other hand, if it was a higher resolution, we'd be able to figure out details such as:

1. The dimensions of the modules, thereby allowing us to estimate the length and beam and approximate displacement.
2. The exact layout of the machinery spaces, based on where the bulkheads are, which would give clues as to the nature of its propulsion system, and with this information we can make reasonable estimates about its top speed and endurance.
3. The precise stage of assembly that the carrier is at, thereby allowing us to track the progress of construction and discern potentially sensitive information regarding military shipbuilding capabilities.

And so on...

There are some things that don't need to be discussed at this stage.