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Not very long. The Type 055 that was there before didn't stay long either.

The white superstructure next to the 052D is probably for the super huge container ship on the dry dock beside it. Look how big that ship is that even the carrier is literally dwarfed by it.
It looks like the white superstructure does not align with the super huge container ship on the dry dock.


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Yes, i know that those are supposedly the modules that were transfered. Its just that seeing from both satelite photos, i cant seem to locate those that were seen in december 2019 in the new area today. Compare the 2 photos.

You're assuming that no work was done after the module relocation which shouldn't be the case. The existence of those canopies suggest there will be further work done on them which is confirmed with the gray colored deck plating for each module. As a result, those modules would look a little different and may not be placed in the order that was last seen in the previous location. Unfortunately, the poor quality of these photos will continue to make things difficult for all PLA watchers.


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Same observation.

1. the floating dock commissioning hasn't got any business with the carrier construction
2. the basin hasn't got any relationship with the construction of the carrier
3. the original place of the construction was only a module welding place, the real assembly place is the current position.


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Are these plans or aspirations? I thought they were going with a navalized j-20 at some point and I didn't see anything about a stealthy ucav.

They were going with navalized FC-31 for carrier operations. The UCAV in question was on display during the 2019 National Parade.


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So, for us that aren't fully sure just what is the carrier - is it the object marked with a green, red, blue or pink circle?