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Yes.........i see the article was written by Minnie Chan, who now seems to be backtracking from an article she wrote at the tail end of 2019, in regards the number of Chinese carriers to be built! She had previously said that China would be halting producing carriers after the 4th carrier, but now she is saying that China wants 6 by 2035. Well that's how i understood her article. Anyway..........i think she is a bit less than reliable with her articles on the PLAN?

She's unreliable, period, regardless what subject she writes on, be it the navy or the air force. Her articles should be posted in the humor section.


China steps up shipbuilding with two more aircraft carriers under construction ...
The pictures are old and we ecpect more than two new aircraft carriers. Until now we have evidence of one new carrier under construction.

We should not provide a stage for such articles by non-experts to spread. This reduces the reputation of this forum and its members. We should have higher quality standards. But everyone is his lucky smith.


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According to many experts here, the author from SCMP is not accurate. I don't want to get criticized for posting something from SCMP. So you just use your own judgement when you read something from that SCMP "expert".

The community has a valid expectation that users be able to discriminate between what they consider to be constructive pieces and non-constructive pieces.
If you're posting a non-constructive piece, then you'd better be providing some constructive commentary to back it up.

This forum and its major flagship military threads are not just for aggregating every piece of random article that various outlets write.


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Two days ago the first blurred image showing the first modules of the future #PLAN Type 003 aircraft carrier in the drydock no. 4 at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai were posted ... here are much clearer ones.

(Images via @军戈飞扬 from Weibo)


asif iqbal

Amazing news coming from all Chinese shipyards

DL should now start 004 they need a second flat deck conventional carrier

JNCX is on 003

HD was thought to be slowing down after 30 x Type 054A but now the tempo has changed and LPD+LHD construction has kept them busy with Thai LPD + Pakistan FFG

now next Type 076 should see them keeping pace for 2020s and if a larger Type 075A is planned

if HP can start on the Type 054B FFG it would be great

this leaves question marks over Type 052DL/Type 055A construction