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Missing post from skyscrapercity;
It describe the defence tactics of a carrier strike group, not the utility / advantage of it compared to other methods to deliver explosives to non-cooperative addresses.

And there is good level of information about the capability of these defences, at least one Onyx from 8 can go thought the defence of a destroyer, and 3-6 from 24 can hit the carrier in a strike group.

The design of the Soviet / Russian weapons and systems calculated around this.


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Not a good start to 2020

delays due to virus and no 4th carrier has been spotted which to be honest I was hoping for

no batch 3 of J15 and no further new helicopters

constrained air wing for both CV-16 and CV-17

add to that the the news that there will be no 5th and 6th CVN

after a short sprint looks like Chinese carrier ambitions have been somewhat dented

carrier programmes are expensive and even china can’t splash out on a CVN

USN has 11 x CVN

China at most with have 2 x STOBAR and 2 x CATOBAR which will not bee nuclear powered

overall a rather dull picture and steam seems to have gassed out on the Chinese carrier programme in this new decade
Its not a competition for the one who have the most aircraft carrier. If China have enough military hardware to hold off any forces like usa then why should they compete for who have the most carriers. Don't forget China will utilise land forces.


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Update from Feb. 21st, courtesy of ZY3-02 imaging satellite.
In two months, nothing has changed there. The hangars and cranes are still in the same position. Perhabs they are waiting for the dredging ships to clear the waters before they send the modules away. The chinese lunar new year and the coronavirus cant explain all this delay, IMO.


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JSGC just issued a tender document for a heavy platform vehicle. The new heavy platform vehicle will be larger than any of the seven heavy platform vehicles DSIC used in its two carrier projects.