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This is not a hydraulic arresting gear system. This is electrically braked.
also @by78
Here is some real deal
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A patent by
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, Harbin Polytechnic University, a military technology university older than PRC which is also the root of many other technical universities.
The patent is in Chinese. I will give a summary
  • In the background description, it called the GA ARG "electrical mechanical hybrid" because the majority of arresting force is from the water twister.
  • The difference between this design and ARG is that in place of "water twister", this design uses "rotating Eddy Current brake". It is truly electric-magnetic brake.
  • It can generate electricity and feed back to the grid during arresting from the kinetic energy of the aircraft.
Years ago, Ma Weiming was given an interview where he was upset/annoyed by the question implying that the American's experience indicate that the arresting gear is a big deal.
Journalist: Experience of USN Ford indicated that the arresting gear is more difficult than launcher.......
Ma Weiming bluntly interrupted the Journalist before he/she could finish the question, he said: one can not make such conclusion. We used 1/5 of the time (of EM launcher) to finish the arresting gear, you tell me which one is more difficult? When we had the EM launcher, what is the difficulty of arresting gear? The two are just forward and reverse, isn't it easier to solve the reverse after solving the forward? Putting many counter questions showed how annoyed he was when faced stupid head.
I immediately got the feeling that his arresting gear is a real deal when I saw the bold texts of his words.

There were also some (in this forum) argued that the Chinese arresting gear looks identical to ARG, pointing the round device on the right end as the water twister. At the time, I could not disapprove the argument without hard evidence.

Here in the patent, device 1-2 is the rotating Eddy Current brake, the "water twister" like device. It is disc stators and disc rotors sandwitched together fixed to the same shaft of electrical motor 1-1 and cable drum 1-3.


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Found another patent 201610437492.X filed by Harbin Polytechnic University in the same year as the one above in post 3078. It is in Chinese, if you are interested you can get it from google patents.

This time, it is a linear motor and linear eddy current brake. It works in the same principle as above. The advantage that I can see are 1. Better heat depreciation because the conductor (where the eddy current is generated) stretched out through the length of the deck, and 2. No cable drum and cable routing mechanics. The drawback is that there can only be one launch track placed in the middle of the two arresting tracks on the angled deck, this however seems to fit all rumors of 002 have only one angled deck launch rail.

There is no photo evidence of this linear design being tested in full size so far.