Crazy @ss Reactionary Supply Sider MOFOs


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So there I was, reading Advanced Macro, and out of no where came ma boi N. G. Mankiw. (for these who don't know who he is, google his ass). Little did I know that he was the leading figure in New Keynesian economics. Not familiar with "New" Keynesian economics, mind you, there is Keynesian and Neo-Keynesian, I wikied it up, and it turned out that New Keynesian is a counter to New Classical. After more wiki-ing, I got an external link to this:

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and man oh man, how this pissed me off.

See, there is a reason why a lot of politicians need to be shot today, and the above article is a clear case why.

let's keep some stuff in mind here:

There was a supply shock in the 70s

Gold Standard prevents growth

Philips Curve and Taylor rule deals with CONSTANT factors of production


Reagan doesn't have an education

P.S since I'm at it, let me just say that Mankiw quit as the chairman of the CEA because Bush might be little misinformed, but other ways a nice dude . And most republicans (and democrats) have no *******clue how the economy works.
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upon further review, it seems that GlobalPolitician is just another piece of shit site some morons who have never taken anything beyond 300 level classes put up. Then again, that sure is enough to cloud most American's opinion, seeing as a recent Yahoo board post went something like this: "Your supply and demand just doesn't cut it for the Average American".

Well no shit, the Average American doesn't go beyond their checkbooks.


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VinceLee - you practice Breachway Economics? If you are by the slightest chance who I think you are I know you from another board, you will understand that. If not, just an erie coinkydink....

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patriot said:
How does this have anything to do with China:china:
its a "cleaverly" disguised thread. its supposedly a thread about some kind of new mfo, but its clearly where vince vents his feeling about certain american politicians


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it's not certain politicians, it's an entire segment of American politics. There is a very good reason why the Chairman of the Fed is NOT under direct political control, and this is why.

Too bad I can't dig up the article about changing the source of revenue to a purely consumption type platform. They were talking about how it is fair, but holy fvcking shit man, do they NOT KNOW THAT SALES TAX IS REGRESSIVE?

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