CRAIC CR929 Widebody Airliner


Not true, one way to deploy the advantage of composites is to pocket the weight saving, but equally you can use it to enable shaping which would be weight-prohibitive in metallic structures. Take a look at the aspect ratio of the MS-21 wing, indicating it's aiming not so much for weight reduction rather than lower induced drag.
Hmm. Fair. Though I think this is more a limitation of metal working techniques than the material itself. Composites, after all, only opened up as an option for weight bearing structures after different techniques to work them were invented.
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Fear, fakes and pledges as CRAIC CR929 inches forward
Perhabs this is the november 3 article that the aero article refers:

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It seems that its only a political declaration of intentions towards solving the problems betwen the two sides. Most probably, they still have no idea how they will solve those problems.