Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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I heard it from Anthony Fauci's mouth though.. further google fu reveals that it was many years before the civet cat + bat connection were found. The CDC website suspect ebola may have come from bats and may have transmit via monkey
It is prudent to double-check on the facts before posting . Credibility is important.


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@getready bro Its what the MSM wanted you to believed, that recent incident is related to an anonymous advisory that the US will only accept entry if you're vaccinated either with Pfizer or Moderna. The place where it happen is inside a High end Mall and most of those people lining up are rich people. And it is so funny why advertise that you only have 900 doses and it is a first come first serve sponsor by a Pharma company? so the predicted outcome is chaos and its a good marketing ploy. Vaccination is usually done by appointment schedule by the local gov't. Sorry but anything coming from our local media and especially by Western MSM I always viewed it with a large grain of salt cause what they reported is not reflective of what actually happening here.
OK thanks for clarifying bro. I got that news from scmp actually, I don't like it but it does cover alot of China and asian news that is not completely from western perspective although overlaps sometimes.

What is your own take regarding the local citizens attitude towards sinovac or sinopharm?


If China pays India 10 trillion dollars in reparation then it will literally become a supapowa overnight.

We can laugh at them now, but that is only because of modern China’s military might.

Who here doubts for even a second that if today China was only an economic powerhouse but a military paper tiger like during the Qing Dynasty, that the likes of the G7 and India would not be demanding ‘reparations’ backed up by the threat of military force if China didn’t cough up whatever amount they wanted?

That is the very essence of the west’s much vaunted ‘rule of law’ system, where the laws are written by and for the benefit of the rich and powerful, to help them oppress and exploit the rest, which is backed up by western military might should anyone dare to disagree.


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Not sure if Vietnam intended to get vaccines directly from China or through Covax.
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Just fake gesture. Newest reaction from Vietnamese about China vaccine is same. They badmouth it, call it salt water, say virus is creat by Ch*nk so don't take Ch*nk vaccine, call it Ch*nkvax. So i suggest China and Chinese ignore all whining.