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Can someone please explain the meaning behind this symbol?


Can someone please explain the meaning behind this symbol?

Ba Yi

August 1.

On August 1, 1927 the Red Army of China was founded.

It is now the symbol of PLA, The People's Liberation Army, The Chinese Armed Forces.
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Can someone please explain the meaning behind this symbol?

The yellow part is the Chinese characters for numbers "8" ("/ \" is 8) and "1" ("-" is 1), symbolizing August 1st. "A Man" explained the underlying meaning well.


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While the Chinese Communist Party itself dates from 1921, Chinese Communist fighting forces may be said to have come into existence with the outbreak of the Nanchang rebellion in China on 1 August 1927. This date is commemorated as the founding date of the Chinese Communist Forces by the Chinese ideograms in the upper left-hand comer of the CCF flag and insignia. [1]


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Sorry about the resurrecting.
but, for don't open a new thread, I'll use this one.
Can anyone please tell me WHAT does this insignia means?

I've searched and searched and didn't found an answer.

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