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Hey guys I found this video on You Tube "Chinese Military Expert Dennis J. Blasko Speaks at Whittier". I found to be interesting and informative. What do you guys think?

Part 1
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Part 2
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Thanks a lot for posting that. It was definitely one of the most comprehensive and more neutral looks at the Chinese military I've seen recently, a good break from the usual "beware the red China's military build up of doom" rhetoric.


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Yes most informative .

By the strangest of coincidences he talks about China now entering its 2nd 30yr period of military modernisation, ending around about the same time David Walker suggests a possible effect of financial recklessness, would be its inability to pay its armed forces, in a interview on 60 minutes.
Do those Chinese have a crystal ball or something, because I also remember him saying, IHO, China , would be trying its best to avoid military excursions.

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One of the big take aways I got from it was not, while the Chinese are (understandably) not transparent about their specific hardware and capabilities, they are about their strategy and intentions. They go to quite a bit of trouble to publicise it for foreign consumption. This still seems to be the case today.

Dated talk now, but still relevant. I respect Blasko a lot for going to the effort to dig deep and attempt to understand the Chinese military. We desperately need more voices like his.
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This type of post should go into one of the Breaking News Threads, or the PRC Overall military Strategy thread.

Moving posts there. We do not need a separate thread for every lecture.


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