Chinese Loyal Wingman (sensor, A2A and A2G) UAV/UCAV thread


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It looks to me like a "diamondback" style wing like what we've seen on the SDB-I before.


I wonder how far the wings can fold out -- whether the model depicts it at maximum extension or moderate.
I suspect if it was folded inwards fully the main wings would be swept much further back.

The overall geometry of the drone is also a bit odd, it's not clear to me if it is likely to be a relatively small sized UAV or something larger.
Maybe it's air launched ? Foldable wings would make it way more manageable.


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Has this been shared before?

Illustrations are from a study on using wingtip control surfaces (orange portions, 1st image) to improve aerodynamic performance/stability of flying wing.

Off topic, but I found the "manufacturer" of the wind tunnel used in the pictures
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They also seem to have other wind tunnels like hypersonic facilities and high speed wind tunnels.
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