Chinese hypersonic projects & research


This year's national innovation prize list. Of interest is the 4th item: "高超声速强预冷空天动力".

The team for a "hypersonic pre-cooled air-breathing propulsion system" is being recognized for their work. Basically, such a propulsion system is intended for a single-stage, reusable space launch vehicle (i.e. air-breathing spaceplane). See my posts and @taxiya's excellent translation on page 31-32 of this thread for more information. It appears the project is making progress.

Maybe this might help answer your question about that high-altitude flight helmet in the other thread. ;)


Has this been shared before? It's from a research paper on a strategic hypersonic vehicle design. Two course+speed projections are presented. The first one has a flight time of 3423 seconds, covering a distance of 18343 km. The second has a duration of 1500 seconds and a distance of 7606 km.



I found a series of images from a seminar. They seem to indicate an effort at a space plane using combined cycle rocket engine. My technical Chinese is very limited, so I was unable to translate these. For our Chinese speaking members, do you spot anything interesting?

Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute of CASC has apparently
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, intended for a single-stage reusable space plane.

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RBCC would be something similar to the SABRE engine for Skylon.
I think those sorts of engines are still a bit out there and range and payload would probably the compromised even if used.