Chinese Engine Development


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What does it matter if its copy or not? If its 80% the performance at 40% the cost, you can buy 2 and still come out on top.

When your enemy defeat you with "copy" equipment, I bet in your dying breath you will say... you shot me with counterfeit weapons... therefore I die happy.


You mean WS-10B did not meet the goal of 145KN ??

I know that WS-10 has 140KN of thrust.

145kN? WS-10B was supposed reach the original WS-10 thrust prior to downgrading, 132kN. The WS-10 in the very latest batch of J-11B, J-16 is rumored to be around 133kN - 134kN. All other J-11B WS-10 have a thrust of 125kN max in a/b. I remember reading an official article about the certification a 140kN variant of the WS-10 this year. Can someone dig that up?

For some time there have been rumors of a WS-10 variant (WS-10G?) with thrust over 147kN (15,000 kgf) but nothing more than rumors.


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the original WS-10 was at 125 kN and the upgraded variant is at 140 kN. There was possibly a variant for J-10 that came in at 132 kN, I can't remember now.


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To judge such an engine look how its working after a 1000 or 10'000 hours in operation. With such engineering reliability is a key concern as no aircraft is going to fly without an engine.

And a cheap price in China usually comes from cheap materials and lack of testing and quality control. If that wasn't the caase they would have exported jet engines by the shiploads long ago.


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I read from CJDBY that the latest WS-10B (Improved) reached 140KN, which is approaching 117S but not yet at 145KN.

Soon, WS-10B will equib all the J-10 and then export to Pakistan.


@tphuang, could you provide your opinion on the reliability of gongke101 on CJDBY regarding Chinese engine development? He's been making a few claims recently and they're pretty significant if true. These include:

1. The program to locally produce the AI-222-25
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. Probably will be replaced by a program to locally produce the AI-222-25F, which is the afterburning version. The aborted 222-25 copy is the WS-17 (above link, post 19) but the renewed 25F-copy project will
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(post 180).

2. The Taishan program
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, to be replaced by its non-afterburning version, currently without a code name but with a possible
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(post 83). Confusingly, the Taishan is apparently the WS-13 but he says the
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(post 45). Did 624th Institute develop the WS-13E without waiting for the original WS-13 to become ready and has now decided to drop the original WS-13 completely?

3. The WS-13E should have its design finalised in 2021 if all goes well (above link, post 53). That seems a little late to me considering it's a glorified RD-93. They might as well drop the whole WS-13 series and spend the resources to develop an EJ200-class engine.

4. Back in 2004/5, the plan was to have the WS-15 finalise its design by 2020, or 2018 if everything proceeds smoother than expected (above link, post 56). Not sure if the plan has changed since.

5. 606th and 624th both have a F119-class engine under development, 624th with the WS-15 and 606th with a design
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(post 57).

How much of this do you think is credible? He says he's going to begin work at GuiFei soon.

Regarding the Taihang family, someone from CJDBY went to ask an official at the engine booth at Zhuhai and got confirmation that the
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, which translates to 137kN. The official also indicated that a 14.5 tonne thrust version is under development.