China's transport, tanker & heavy lift aircraft


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Re: China's transport plane capacities

Chairman Hu said:

The Y-9 is a solution of the transport problem, we can built them as much as we want to, plus itz capabilities are comparable to the C-130

It can carry at least 10 tons right?
It does seem to me china is on the right track with y-9s, if they're to be mainstay airlift plane for any potential taiwan invasion. Actually it can carry 20 tons at 1000 km ferry range, which is enough for taiwan scenario. and that's enough for various IFVs, lil under 100 equipped troops, all deployable on unprepared runways with fast load/unload times. Since it does seem to be 100% chinese made there's little reason why PLAAF couldn't double its medium transport fleet in the coming years/decade.

Chairman Hu

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Re: China's transport plane capacities

20 TONS?!?!? YAY!!!

Awesome, China can double it too, how much is China going to built?

Chairman Hu

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Re: China's transport plane capacities

this year if there is a mircale

maybe 2007-08 ish, maybe as late as 2010?


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Many on this forum love to post about the the attack and fighter aircraft. But the PLAAF has a new transport in the works of indignous design. :eek: It was on sinodefence front page!..Surprised no one started a thread about it. It's call the Y-9. It is very similar to a US C-130. Hey? Why not? The C-130 is very sucessful multipule use aircraft. Check this out!

Can someone please post more info on the aircraft. I'm sure some Chinese sites have more info than I can dig up!

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At the September 2005 International Aviation Expo held in Beijing, Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Co. Ltd unveiled its Y-9 multi-purpose transport aircraft design. A substantial redesign of the Shaanxi Y-8 (Chinese copy of the An-12 Cud), the aircraft was initially revealed to the public at the 2002 Zhuhai Air Show under the name of Y-8-X concept transport. It is said to be comparable to the U.S. Lockheed Martin C-130J transport in general performance.


The development of the Y-8X began in 2001 to meet the requirements of the PLA Air Force for a capable and advanced medium-size tactical transport aircraft to replace the ageing Y-8. The project aims to develop a multi-purpose turboprop transport aircraft that approaches or in some aspects exceeds the performance of the U.S. C-130J. The development is believed to have been assisted by The Ukraine-based Antonov Aeronautical Scientific-technical Complex (ASTC) aircraft company.

During the 2005 Beijing International Aviation Expo, Shaanxi revealed more details about the Y-8X, now re-designated Y-9. Compared to the Y-8, the new aircraft features a more specious cargo cabin, fast loading/uploading system, improved WJ-6C turboprop engines, six-blade propellers, and a “glass cockpitâ€. The aircraft can be used for both military and civil flights.


The Y-9 ’s wings are high-mounted with four turboprop engines mounted under the wings’ leading edges. The aircraft utilises six-blade JL-4 propellers made of composite materials. The rear cargo door, which also serves as a ramp, allows cargo to be quickly loaded/unloaded. The tail flats and fin are mounted high. The aircraft has a two-wheel nose landing gear and two four-wheel main landing gears.


The payload requirement of the Y-9 includes a range of military vehicles, helicopters, cargo containers, pallets, and paratroopers.

The 16.2m X 3.2m X 2.35m (length X width X height) cargo bay can transport up to 20t cargo. The Y-9 can air-drop paratroops and equipment either by parachute or gravity extraction. It can perform wither single or multiple airdrops of paratroopers and cargo. It can air-drop: single load up to 8.2t; or multiple loads up to 13.2t total; or 98 armed paratroopers; or 72 seriously wounded patients plus 3 medical staffs; or 98 lightly wounded patients; or thirteen 1-metre size pallets; or three 4-metre size pallets; or one 6-metre size pallets.


The aircraft is powered by four WJ-6C turboprop engines. The internal fuel load is 23t.


Flight crew: 4
Cargo cabin size: (length/width/height) 16.2m/3.2m/2.35m
Maximum take-off weight: 65,000kg
Payload: 20,000 kg cargo; or 98 equipped troops; or vehicles and weapons
Cruising speed: 550km/h
Maximum speed: 650km/h
Service ceiling: 10,100m
Crusing altitude: 8,000m
Range: Ferry range with max payload 1,000km
Runway: Take-off 1,350m; landing 1,350m

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xcswimmer always comes through with the pics! :)

Does anyone know when this aircraft be operational? Another question..Will it be able to become a gunship like the AC-130 Spectre? That would be awesome for the PLA ground troops. I know the ablity for fire power like that to hover over the battlefeild for long periods of time is what the "grunts" love.

There is no reason the Y-9 could not do this.


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does the whole plane shake or move a a bit if those guns on the Spectre fire? something like the Spectre will be boost to the PLA ground forces if they had to invade taiwan


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not sure, quite a bit is posted on this on cdf. I still kind of doubt this is y-8x, because y-8x's original specs seemed to be a lot more impressive.