China's transport, tanker & heavy lift aircraft


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Looks more like ZBD04A (6 pairs of road wheels), which weighs over 20 tons.

View attachment 76230

Here is ZBD03 (5 pairs of road wheels) in comparison:

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They are not airdropping a ZBD04A... Think about how much a ZBD04A weighs and think about how much can be airdropped when considering global air droppable vehicles.

And think about what vehicles we know that can be air dropped in the PLA's inventory (just ZBD03).
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That said, isn't the PLA developing a new airborne IFV? IIRC the ones that we have seen have 6 road wheels and ZBD-04/04A turret.
So... could that be it?

The new airborne IFV is still under development and won't be ready for a while.


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