China's transport, tanker & heavy lift aircraft


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A most impressive image showing the home of the PLAAF's 4th Transport Division - in fact the 10th and 12th Air Regiments - at Chengdu / Qionglai together with 8 Y-20A and 23 Y-9 transports.

(Image via 92军迷 at

Y-20A + Y-9 at Chengdu - Qionglai - 2020.jpg


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Y-20 in snow...

Just loved this fat bird. And after Wuhan, I love it even more. Particularly the circumstance leading to the development of this, much needed airlift.

And now the country in need, and this aircraft delivered in spades! And please don't read too much into this, when I said, The engineers and technicians that made it possible is also the heros of Wuhan. (not taking anything away from the medics and others that built and manned the hospitals in Wuhan).