China's transport, tanker & heavy lift aircraft

asif iqbal

Beautiful ! Both have good looks

I would now like to see line up for both Y-9 and Y-20 on the same runway

20 x Y-20 on one side and 30 x Y-9 on the other

China make it happen I am waiting


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Y-20 is based on IL-76? they look so similar here
The fuselage cross section is larger/wider than Il-76, and wing design, landing gear are also very different.

Overall Y-20 of course shares a similar configuration to Il-76, C-17, C-2, KC-390, A400M, and even C-141 (among others).
The most similar aspect of Y-20 to Il-76 seems to be Y-20's rear ramp and door design, which may have been chosen to improve interoperability and familiarity for loading/reloading the two aircraft types.


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The flap system and general wing planform are also very similar, though in other respects (supercritical airfoil section) the Y-20 wing is much more modern.