China's transport, tanker & heavy lift aircraft

asif iqbal

5 x Y20

Good lift capability

But PLAAF need to validate and training up many master loaders

Very important job also very dangerous

Hopefully we start seeing heavy army units getting a lift on Y-20


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The delivery of the new Y-20s is continuing as shown in the satellite images dated December 9 in Qionglai, PLAAF's 4th Air Base.
My estimate of the rate of production remains unchanged at a minimum of 9 to 12 a year, for the moment.
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Qionglai AB close Chengdu 4th Division/ 12 th Rgt 5 big birds !
Visible also Y-9 and Y-8 10th Rgt and Y-7 11 th Rgt same Division each Rgt have about 15 aircrafts

But better on GE new view 30°29'27.78"N 103°27'58.62"E

CH Qionglai.jpg