China's New Mega Structures


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petty officer1 said:
Woww! you chinese are really working hard!!! :china: I myself only been to china once, but i went to the south, so i don't see to much of those building
:( By 2008 A lot people will be inpressed(and jealous) by the new china! when I finished university, I definaly will go to china for trip! (that is why i am learning chinese right now);)

SOUTH? dude... Hong Kong and Shenzen is all buildings.... most of the southern cities have skyscrapers...

If the pipes are running............. You know what was one the things that broke down during that day right?..... Yea, I wouldn't trust them.

my idea: put CO2 tanks surrounding the floor..... or u can just make it that the whole building can act as a vacum :eek: