China's Future High Speed Helicopter Program and other next generation rotorcraft


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Probably like Sikorsky-Boeing's SB-1 Defiant.

I would be more excited if it is shaped like a fixed-wing fuselage, has wide-corded blades that sweep into wings, and is turbofan-powered for transonic speed.

Come to think of it, if you took this:


and combined it with this:

One could build a real life version of Airwolf for all intents and purposes. :D


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This is the news I saw at the tieba today. Maybe this is what they claim to be the "new heavy armed helicopter". According to this person, the new helicopter will have a side-by-side cockpit, co-axial twin rotors and a tail rotor, similar to the S-97.

Although they are all unproven contents, they can completely correspond to this model.

The netizen claimed that he learned from the staff of Changhe that there is a static experimental model prototype. In addition, he claims that Ka-52 has been ordered, but this new helicopter will continue to be studied.
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It looks like a coaxial rigid rotor aircraft. The US has been working on rigid rotors for decades and never got them working properly.
This is a useful research project but I would not expect it to enter production anytime soon.

The configuration also looks more like that of a next generation Z-20 helicopter replacement than an attack helicopter like the Ka-52.
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