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Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?

Information exists if Venezuela bought K-8 (L-11) and L-15.

You need to expound on this statement in order to start a thread. Read the start of other threads before you give it a try again...

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Re: Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?

Not, I have source of information is alone a question to see if you have information on if the air force of Venezuela this evaluating the airplanes K-8(L-11) and L-15


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Re: Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?

Then could you please share your information. This is a forum and we do require information (which you have) to be shared and therefore support a claim.


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Re: Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?

Some year ago the Venezuelan Government I evaluate the coach K-8, and the airplane of transportation Y-12, besides also the airplane of N-5A multi-use agriculture, but finally itself I am not carried out the purchase.


The news in that epoch.
Aviones chinos realizan exhibición en Venezuela

by SPA

Una exhibición especial de los aviones de fabricación china K8 y Y12 se
realizó el día 22 en la base aérea "Mariscal Sucre" de Maracay, estado
Aragua, Venezuela, con la presencia del presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez,
y el embajador chino en Caracas, Wang Zhen.

Wang Zi Cheng, representante de la Corporación Nacional de Aerotecnología de
China, explicó que el K8 es un avión con capacidad para la realización de
acrobacias, cumple con funciones de entrenamiento básico y avanzado, y
permite a los pilotos vuelos extraordinarios gracias a su alta visibilidad,
así como vuelos de bajo costo y alta eficiencia.

En el caso del Y12, continuó explicando Wang, se trata de un avión ligero
bimotor de turbo helice, con alas altas, cola simple y ruedas de aterrizaje
fijas. Su categoría es normal para pasajeros y carga, pero también puede ser
modificado para paracaidismo, lanzamiento de material, patrullaje marítimo,
fotografía aérea, ambulancia, turismo y otros usos.

Por su parte, el presidente Chávez destacó la versatilidad y capacidad de
estas aeronaves chinas, pues sus características les permiten ser utilizadas
tanto para el entrenamiento de cadetes como para usos sociales.

Aclaró que Venezuela tiene problemas con la formación de los cadetes, por lo
cual se estudia la posibilidad de poder fabricar este tipo de aviones en el
país, con la cooperación de una compañía extranjera.

At present they have returned in my country the rumors of the possible purchase of the systems K-8/L-15, my intensity I was to know if you have knowledge of that operation.
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Re: Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?

An old news on the interest of Venezuela by the K-8, now seems that that interest of has renewed

Venezuela evaluates Chinese air package
Jane's Defence Weekly
Copyright Jane's Information Group Limited 2001

Venezuela is considering the acquisition of 24 Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company K-8 jet basic trainer and light ground attack aircraft and 10 Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation Y-12 twin- turboprop short take-off and landing general-purpose transports, officials from the country's defence ministry have confirmed.
Beijing-based sources suggest that a deal was finalised around the time the two countries exchanged presidential visits earlier this year, although Venezuelan officials say that no final decision has yet been made. Chinese President Jiang Zemin went to Caracas in April, while his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez visited Beijing the following month. Both aircraft types have subsequently undergone demonstration in Venezuela.

If the latest purchase is confirmed, Venezuela's interest in the K-8 will take to 140 the number of aircraft sold, with additional customers including Egypt, Myanmar, Namibia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zambia. Pakistan, which was involved in the original joint venture agreement that led to the K-8's development, has an eventual requirement for up to 100 of the aircraft, while China's People's Liberation Army Air Force had planned to introduce 'several hundred' K-8Js, although the type's full introduction is now in doubt.


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Re: Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?

anybody can tell me about the f-5 modernization in china?? sorry the off topic


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Re: Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?

i know that, i asking about FAV f-5, i hear that china its goin to do the modernization of it

there were definitely talks that China modernized Iranian F-5 and that SAC helped Iran design their upgraded F-5. Although I have not heard of Chinese news on this, it's definitely do-able. Any they tend to keep news like this under the table.


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Re: Venezuela coaches K-8 and L-15?


Information that confirms in interes of Venezuela by it K-8(L-11) and L-15 I cite:

Venezuela jet deal

China has offered to sell jet trainers to Venezuela in what U.S. officials say is further evidence of Beijing's efforts to sell weapons and expand its influence among the militaries of Latin America.

According to defense officials, the Chinese trainers were offered to Venezuela during a visit to the country by Chinese military officials. A defense official said the offer was made a few years ago "but we never saw any transaction take place."

Richard Fisher, a specialist on the Chinese military with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, said the offer likely was for China's K-8, which is less complex than the supersonic L-15 trainer.

"The K-8 is a simple low-tech initial trainer powered by a Ukrainian turbofan, though in the past a U.S. Garrett turbofan engine has been used in this trainer," Mr. Fisher said.

Selling the Venezuelans trainers instead of actual fighters would be in line with China's low-key approach to expanding its influence with the leftist government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

"It is less provocative than jet fighters, but does create relationships that may allow the later sale of combat aircraft," Mr. Fisher said.

If China were to sell Venezuela the more advanced L-15, that might signal the Chavez regime's interest in later sales of ground-attack jets or a future unmanned combat aircraft China is thought to be developing, he said.

Venezuela currently has Russian-made Su-30s and is reported to be in the market for advanced Su-35s. It also is looking to purchase French submarines as part of a large-scale military buildup that has raised concerns in the Pentagon.

The general in charge of military activities in the region, Gen. Bantz J. Craddock, told Congress last year that China was stepping up military training in Latin America, because of a U.S. law limiting support to regional militaries. Gen. Craddock told the Senate Armed Services Committee that China "has made many offers, and now we are seeing those who formerly would come to the United States going to China."

Mr. Chavez said in October that Venezuela is transforming its armed forces away from the U.S. military model toward preparing to fight "asymmetric wars and wars of resistance." China, too, is restructuring its military for asymmetric warfare, specifically computer and anti-satellite weapons for use against the United States.

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