can any 1 recommend modern chinese war movies?


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President said:
chinese version 'band of brothers'
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thanks president but whats it called? is it a series or a movie? it might be just me but they seem to be fighting against each other...?and that little teaser needs beuffering every annoying cant watch it properly
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it's called "vertical buffet". about PLA airborne troops. i can't watch the video either. i am going to ask friends to get a download for that.

Red Guard

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here is the video clip 9 minutes for the tv series. it's a bit slow, but you could download with some software.
i myself like it. even thought it stole the music from "the rock", some imagines from Band of brother, the C-47 parachuting clip, and some lines from western military.....still, it looks very great.


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we DO NOT advertise where to download movies, we respect copyright laws here on this forum. so we will only recommend movies, u'll have to find those movies yourself.