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Next time they will declare China owe them 1 trillion dollars for Covid-19. Or maybe they are going to declare Putin is a secret cannibal.
They can declare the sky is green and that the moon is made out of cheese. Doesn’t make any of that so. All this stupid stunt does is reduce Canada’s credibility because what the fuck are they actually going to do with this declaration? Precisely nothing.

OTOH, if China declares Canada a hostile power tomorrow, there will be immediate and immense damage done to Canada.


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Who cares what a tiny country of 30 million people think about.
They better shut up sooner or later because if there big brother ends up in a pinch and is taken out of the action permanently, then the rest of the 5eyes have only two options, surrender or get busted up. How this is done (economically, social or vs physically will all be on the table.


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Canada can boycott Winter Olympics and nobody would care. As for removing Olympics from China, it isn't going to happen. Remember Sochi.
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I think the key to the Uyghur genocide propaganda (like the WMD bullshit) is to spread them out so it’s on the frontpage everyday to constantly reinforce the lie.

Over time they’ll have to spice it up by adding new claims here and there or a new victim testimony or some govt recognizes genocide etc...
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