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are you talking the 1898 bombing in Breaking News thread? LOL
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Indeed I did. I just read the wiki about the incident -
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- and the Rickover investigation of 1974 seems to have had a more decided outcome than I remember from press reports of the time.


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Dec 20, 2014

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the gunman who ambushed and killed two police officers in Brooklyn had made online posts that were “very anti-police.”


Was it due to a business dispute as reported?
Did you heard about this report on the news?

Business dispute is believed to be the only reason that leads to the murder. However, who is the true murderer is still in question. I, as well as many others, don't believe in police, at least not a 100%.

Point 1: Police says that the murderer used a Glock pistol (not sure which model), however if you watch the video you'll see the murderer had several bullet jam which makes me suspect that the gun was not a Glock. Glock is a high quality pistol which costs around US$2000 in Cambodia and should not have so many bullet jams. The most famous pistol in jamming is the K-54, a type of very old Chinese or Russian pistol using bullets made in Vietnam. This type of pistol has jamming rate up to 50%. Those who likely to be equipped with the K-54 are low range police and poor robbers. If my assumption is true, then this would be a very very big conspiracy.

Point 2: Police says that the camera of the victim's Lexus LX-570 recorded the face of one of the murderers very clearly. I asked some people from ToyotaNation about this and got the answer that the LX-570 has at least 4 cameras for blind-spot assisting but none records. If there is any camera record on victim's car, it should be an after market one. Maybe yes maybe no, however, police refuse to release the video from victim's car as they claim. How can you believe that this is true?

Point 3: The wanted person (photo above) who fled police's arrest posted a video on Facebook seeking for help from the Prime Minister claiming that he is innocent. He has two points. First, he has neither relation nor any conflict with the victim, so he has no reason to kill him. Second, his bodyguard who police claim to be the shooter, is a left-handed and the murderer on the video uses right hand.

However, the wanted person is a businessman full of gossips and bad records in the past. He has at least three wives.
Pre-meditated murder by a gang member! Cowardly and nonsensical act that worsens the situation surrounding criminal violence and police brutality. My condolences go out to the slain police officers and their loved ones.


There were quite a few videos about the murder. Which one did you see on LiveLeak? Or can you post that link here, so I know which one it is.

I cannot access to it now in my office, but it was the first one posted. IIRC, the title had the words, something like "... shot despite begging...". That was why it was painful to watch. And the culprit looks to have a darker complexion.