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Perhaps our American Chinese can help me out here. Is this representative of the Chinese in America today? If it is I found it quite astonishing that Chinese Americans could find it in them to support a man, in racist himself, is supported by racist .

Headline from the article:

Trump and his surging Asian American vote

Trump's tough stance on the Chinese Communist Party is winning him support among a swathe of Asian American communities.

by William Huang
Oct 12, 2020

When a blind Chinese activist named Chen Guangcheng spoke at the Republican National Convention praising Trump for standing up to the Beijing regime in August, many Democrats called him ungrateful, as the Chinese lawyer and pro-life activist who exposed the evils of the one-child policy implemented in his hometown of Linyi was rescued from China and found refuge in America during the Obama administration.

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Probably the FLG/Taiwan/HG rioters vote being massively exaggerated like the few blacks who votes for Trump getting disproportionate media coverage.


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I'm watching this unfold on social media. And I easy wondering where's the condemnation from the west.

Violence from the authority is far more than anything dealt out in hong kong. With arrest of leaders. Etc. Yet not a peep from the west.

Thai protests: Tens of thousands gather again in mass defiance of government
Rest of the story from the "impartial" BBC.

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The current protests in Thailand is just another U.S. instigated color revolution, like the situation in Hong Kong in the past, partially because Thai military's refusal to allow the U.S. to establish military bases in Thailand, and partially because of Thailand's policies that favor China, such as participating in BRI, allowing Huawei to build their 5G infrastructure, and allowing Chinese companies to build their high speed rail system.

In other news, congratulations to the Bolivian people, especially the indigenous people, for their defeat of the right-wing candidates of the military junta who was propped up by the U.S. government agencies such as OAS and multinationals such as Tesla.

Why such a victory is important:
We (the democratically elected, legitimate government of Evo Morales) were beginning to industrialize our natural resources, we wanted to industrialize our lithium, we were taking the first steps to industrialize our gas, and suddenly the transnationals began to organize a coup d’état. The other day one of Tesla’s representatives said it: “We have organized the coup with the United States government, and if we feel like it, we can intervene at any time in any other country.”
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I'm so glad the "lithium coup" has been defeated.


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Racism is alive and well in America! It's true what they say. Trump didn't make America more racist. He just made it more comfortable for all the racist to air their hatred in public.

Rudy Giuliani Posts Footage of Himself Mocking Asians to YouTube

Justin Baragona

Contributing Editor

Sam Stein

Politics Editor

Updated Oct. 15, 2020 10:05AM ET Published Oct. 14, 2020 9:58PM ET

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The more I heard of this double standard, the more I am going to enjoy watching not only the USA dollar collapse, but I will watch the very society of the USA collapse and with any luck, hopefully the leadership with be introduced to the figurative guillotine so to speak, if only to dispel any argument that the USA is some how blessed by God